Version History

Version 2.00, December 2019
-Optional data export to KMZ file
-Many code updates for recent iOS versions.

Version 1.98, February 2017
-Various bugs were fixed of the iPhone and iPad user interface

Version 1.97, February 2017
-Fixed a bug that caused problems when drawing the diagrams on the iPhone.

Version 1.96, January 2017
-Enabled selection of a data collection in the measurement view.
-Keep the button pressed for a second when you make a measurement and you can directly add a fieldbook comment.
-Fixed a bug on the iPad Pro and of the iPad user interface of the french localization.

Version 1.95, December 2016
-Fixed a bug that prevented plotting of the active data selection in the projection view.
-Improved data export by sharing the data file between other apps.

Version 1.94, Juli 2015
-Improved manual data input
-Supports OpenStreetMap

Version 1.93, Februar 2015
-Minor interface improvements for the iPad.
-Fixed an iOS 8 GPS issue.

Version 1.92, February 2015
-Fixed an issue that caused incomplete drawing of the diagrams.
-Interface is optimized for iPhone 6/6+.
-Enhanced compatibility with iOS 8.

Version 1.91, September 2014
-Fixed an issue that in some cases caused negative azimuth values for measurements relative to geographic north.
-Data format for GPS can be changed in the app preferences.
-Interface updated for iOS 7.
-Various code updates.

Version 1.9, May 2013
-You can change the color of the measurements in the stereonet.
-Can show the tilt against the horizontal (good for marking the strike on the samples).
-Stores the total magnetic field strength.
-Added french localization.

Version 1.8, December 2012
-Runs natively on the iPad (Universal App).
-Updated for iOS 6.
-Updated for the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen
-Included data collections.
-Can plot data as strike and dip symbols on the map.
-Performance enhancements.

Version 1.7, January 2012
-Included a Joint Diagram.
-Added maps support to show the positions of the measurements.
-A bug was fixed that caused crashes with iOS 5 when changing the measurement.

Version 1.6, October 2011
This version includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes:
-Included a simple Rose Diagram.
-Added a Fieldbook to the data table. You can now add text to each measurement.
-Print diagrams and send them as attached file by email.
-A severe bug, that caused crashes with iOS 5, was fixed.
-You can mail the data as text file.
-Fixed a problem that resulted in wrong strike values.
-Reduced use of location services to extend battery life.
-Info text was modified.

Version 1.5, January 2011
-Included Compass Calibration Alert
-Info text was updated

Version 1.4, December 2010
This version is a major upgrade that includes a number of important enhancements:
-Schmidt Net now plots great circles and a background net (in Projection Window)
-User interface is updated including a realtime projection display
-Strike value is given
-Self detection of the dip direction: it is not necessary any more to adjust the iPhone horizontally
-Included iTunes File Sharing
-Fixed a bug in Face Down measurement mode that resulted in wrong heading directions at high dip angles
-Some parts of the program were rewritten to enhance compatibility

Version 1.3, July 2010
This update includes a number of major bugfixes that lead to a better compatibility with iOS 4:
-Fixed an issue that could result in loss of data on devices running with iOS 4
-Fixed an issue that caused problems with Wifi connections on devices with iOS 4
-Fixed a minor bug that is related to the preference settings after the initial install of the app
-Added a button to delete data in the projection view (can be switched on/off in the settings)
-Code for calibration of dip and tilt was optimized
-Enlarged buttons and font size

Version 1.2, June 2010
-Added Manual data input
-Compiled for iPhone OS 4, deployment target iPhone OS 3.1.2

Version 1.1, April 2010
-An issue was fixed that caused loss of the GPS longitude data
-A unique id number for each measurement will be assigned
-The display format for the heading value in the measurement view is modified
-The data format of the transferred data is changed

Version 1.0, Dec 2009
-First release