App Preferences

It is possible to configure the Lambert application through the build-in "Settings" application. To start, open the "Settings" application from your iPhone home window and scroll down until you find an item with the Lambert icon. Tap this item. You will see a window similar to this one:

Here, you can change some permanent settings:
  • The Heading of the digital compass. You can choose between the magnetic north and the geographic north. Attention: A precondition for "geographic north" mode is that you receive the gps signal!
  • The type of diagram presented used for the projections. For more info read at "Projections".
  • Show the "Delete Last"-Button in the Projection View or hide this button.
  • Play sound on pressing the "Get new data"-Button.
  • Plot data as tectonic symbols or as standard annotation pins on the map? Default are standard pins.